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The Most Trusted Name in Dubai for Legal Service

Hassan Tamim Advocates & Legal Consultants is known for offering excellent advice and service. We have made our presence felt by providing trustworthy and worthwhile legal services. Our law firm believes in maintaining the highest level of integrity. The knowledge and expertise accumulated by our legal experts makes us an obvious choice for our clients who belong to diverse sectors and industries. After working with industry leaders and individual clients who belong to different industries and walks of life, we have built a powerful reputation.

Profound knowledge and deep understanding regarding laws of UAE is extremely necessary so as to taste success. It is due to deep knowledge about rules of judiciary, we always manage to provide our clients with promising guidance. Our team is composed of qualified and highly experienced advocates who thoroughly study the case prior proceeding forward. As one of the foremost legal consultants, we frequently deal with domestic and expat clients. We are fully committed to fight for justice and firmly stand by the side of truth. Hassan Tamim provides assistance in a variety of areas like employment issues, labour laws, family & matrimonial issues, company governance, commercial needs, etc. Many legal cases are not mere disputes or a legal quarrel between two parties. Hence, we take into account all perspectives and aspects, including emotional values.

Our team is extremely courteous and fully supportive. We maintain the highest degree of professionalism with an aim to address their legal needs.

About Us


Legal battles must be fought with tools like proficiency and patience. The name of Hassan Tamim is taken amongst noted legal consultants and we adopt smart, intelligent ways of arbitration and litigations as and when necessary. Like a legal think-tank, we extend the finest consultations and advice to the clients.

Hassan Tamim Advocates & Legal Consultants aims to become leading, top class law firm in terms of client satisfaction and service quality. We truly regard the element of honesty and ethics. Our team pours sincere efforts and makes all viable attempts to emerge triumphant in the legal battle. It is the duty of the lawyers to protect human rights and rules of law. We want this world to be such a place where lawyers can practice law with absolute independence.

Solutions and remedies are not easily available in a book. Sometimes the solutions are to be derived. Protecting a client's interest at all costs is our priority. We offer all legal services in a timely manner and comply with the highest standards of transparency and legal standards. Lawyers often face interference, reprisal and restrictions due to the nature of their work. We are also working to protect the overall independence of this legal profession by empowering all lawyers.

About Us


  • Hassan Tamim Advocates & Legal Consultants always takes a stand against injustice.
  • We thoroughly study the case and draft a strategy to win intricate legal trials. In order to win the legal battle, we take into account proper facts and even minor details.
  • Hassan Tamim has a highly experienced team that adroitly and passionately fights in their pursuit of justice.
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