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Corporate organizations are directed and controlled through the systems known as corporate governance. This system also provides value to the company and also handles the matters pertaining with CSR(corporate social responsibility). It is disappointing to see that many corporate organizations operating in Dubai neglect the important commercial companies law. Rules and regulations in UAE are quite stringent and complying with them is mandatory. As per the new law, all companies are supposed to amend their Articles and Memorandum of Association. Any failure in complying with laws can bring a hefty fine for the company.

We have a devoted Legal compliance Department for the assistance of our beloved clients and ensure they are not encountering any challenge. On the request of the client, we also offer them secretarial services. Hassan Tamim Advocates & Legal Consultants not only protects their clients from heavy penalties but also ensures any statutory guidelines are not missed. Just a minor negligence and your business will face the wrath of UAE law.

Some of our services include:

  • Checking corporate status
  • Ensuring full compliance with the existing regulatory systems
  • Maintaining statutory record
  • Approval of annual accounts and filing annual returns
  • Helping to amend major constitutional changes such as changing the company’s name, official address, etc.
  • Assisting with voluntary liquidations and closure of branches


We fully understand the importance of having good legal support which is required to manage the business. Your business can easily manage technical challenges and reduce the administrative burden. After availing our services, the clients are in a better position to focus on the growth of their company.

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